Dau Thermal Solutions Inc. Provides industry leading thermal management solutions and world class heatsinks!

Dau Thermal Solutions North America is a world class, full service, thermal management company servicing customers on three continents. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of quality, cost effective, high performance heatsinks for medium through high power heat sink applications. With over 26 years of thermal management design and build experience, Dau's seasoned professionals can help take your heatsink design concepts and turn them into reality. Dau can manage your thermal needs from the conceptual design stage, through prototypes and into production.

For the fastest growing segment of the thermal management world Dau offers the latest cold plate technology with the largest selection of high performance, engineered liquid cooled solutions at competitive prices! Look to Dau for all of your liquid cold plate needs.

If your need is for air cooled heat sinks Dau offers a wide range of heatsink solutions from extrusions to the absolute best performance of our all copper soldered fin designs.

If moving heat is your need Dau's line of heat pipes offer the best performance in the industry. We manufacture our own heatpipes for power electronic applications from 8 MM through 25 MM in diameter.

Our experienced design personnel can customize concepts to meet your specific cold plate needs. Make Dau Thermal Solutions part of your team for your next thermal management project!

Dau Thermal Solutions NA provides our customers with the largest selection of engineered thermal management solutions for power electronics in the industry!